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I Read Something

Minutes earlier, I am having an exchange of messages with a friend. I shared a story to her then she told me to read her latest blog entry, so I did.

Her entry is about letting go of a person she loves. There’s one part of her entry that stroke me. Here’s the part of the entry;

You were the best one of the best ones and I’ve told myself before that I wouldn’t settle for second best. But maybe, this time, I’ll try to look for the best in somebody else.

If you read this, sorry if I posted this here. :p

I just realized that you are quite right but like what I’ve said, I still want to try it for the last time. 🙂 There will be no regrets.


It’s Still You

It all started few years back. This unwanted feeling over you. At first, I am quiet hesitant with what I feel and I even tried to divert it to different persons or things.

Years passed, I graduated from college and had a job while she’s left in school continuing her study. Though years passed, the feeling grew stronger. The unwanted feeling turned out to be my favorite one.

Now, I am willing to pursue you. I’ll take the risk. I’ll accept what ever your response will be. I’ll still be your friend and you’ll still be my friend.

All I ask is a chance to prove my self.

I know this sounds cheesy but it doesn’t matter anymore, though I hate this kind of talking. 😐

Still a Good Thing

I have been questioning myself why I don’t have a strong body. Why am I physically weak?

Since I was a child I am already a thin boy. I never experienced how is it to be well built. What if I have a stronger body? Maybe, I am an athlete now or I may be able to do a lot physical tasks.

This is one of the reason why I chose to be a programmer. This profession doesn’t require me to do so much physical stuff and I can also say that my mind functions well than my body.

Maybe it’s just fair for me. I have been gifted with a good mind though I don’t have a strong body. When I am in front of my computer I feel like I can do anything. When I am in front of my computer I can travel (without expense… LOL.. ), I can meet friends and I can even play sports (though it’s just merely a computer game).

I come to realize that it is still a good thing that I am not born stubborn.

I’ll just continue smiling. 🙂