I’ve been living on this planet for more than twenty years now. I’ve already met many types of Earthlings, some of them are whites, blacks, yellowish and even brownish. Aside from their physical features, some of their traits are humble, arrogant, friendly, intelligent, not so wise and so on.

Lucky me, I have friends that I know that I can trust!

I have this group of friends. I met them during my college years. They have been good to me for all these years. We laugh together, we even cry together at times. We share jokes, we even share problems.

Aside from my college friends, I met some of them after graduation. One of them really makes me laugh a lot. Though we don’t usually talk a lot when we see each other, we always exchange messages through phone. It’s just a sad thing that we don’t have that chance to hang with each other for a longer time. I hope we can have some time together one of these days.

Friends are really important in our lives. I can’t think of a person who lived and died having no friends.

Now, who are your friends?