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Current Project

I am currently working on a project right now. It is a software development project. The purpose of the software is to store information.

Sorry if I can’t post the exact details here. All I can say is it handles sensitive records and personal files of each people in the records.


Morning Thought

Good morning!

I woke up around 5:30 in the morning. Waking up early is not a normal thing to me because I usually sleep late and wake up around 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

My room’s window is faced directly to the easy and my apartment is at the fourth floor of the building that is why the early rays of the sun will surely enter my window and directly touches my skin.

Yesterday, I posted about my current struggle in life. It’s kind a simple for others but for me, it is hard to think of because there are many people expecting me to contribute in terms of financial matters.

This morning, I have realized that I am losing my focus these past days because of this struggle. I have to do my stuffs though I have this struggle. I must not be interrupted.

I need to focus. I need to be more patient than before. I’m not going to lose hope.

Struggling to Survive

My life has never been easy. I work but I couldn’t earn. My income has never been enough. My needs require bigger salary but what can I do?

I am currently employed in a company right now. Before, I used to work in two different companies at the same time so I get double income but I loss my other job.

Earlier,  I received a message from my mother. She is asking for money but how am I going to provide the money she’s asking me? That’s a big amount.

I running out of ideas now on how am I going to make more money. I can’t even think properly. All I can do now is pray and hope that there will be a blessing for me.

I hope I can still survive in the coming days.

Year 2008, when I started looking for internet income opportunities. I tried almost all kinds of opportunities that I saw. I even tried PTC sites, paid surveys, selling products online and even blogging.

What happened? I stopped doing all these stuffs.

Why? I have been hired in a company as a full time programmer. It consumed a lot of my time that’s why I have to give up earning from internet.

Recently, I felt like doing all these stuffs again that is why I created this blog.

I’ll be starting from scratch again.

The weasel abides.

The weasel abides.

The weasel abides.

The weasel abides.

The weasel abides.